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The Platform

Evaluate Easily allows for online evaluations to be conducted easily and is aimed at both instructors/examiners as well as students/examinees. It provides examiners the ability to quickly build an exam/test/evaluation and provides for both automated evaluations as well as manual ones depending on the type of questions in the exam thereby significantly reducing the burden on the already resource constrained academics. The platform is equipped with all the tools necessary to conduct fair and effective evaluations and integrates components that facilitate symbolic language use by both examiners and examinees in an evaluation leading to widespread use across various subject areas and domains. Whether you are taking an exam as part of a taught course or your professional career development take advantage of the facilities offered as part of the platform to enhance your skills

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Basic Sciences

Conduct or view exams in all subject areas of basic and fundamental sciences with ease


Shaping the future through integrated learning as part of the evaluations with ease


Stay in touch with the latest trends in computer science by continously enhancing your skills and evaluating your performance

Social Sciences

Whether it is an oral exam or a written one. Evaluate as you want

Exam Central

Exam central is a unique place that brings together instructors/examiners and students/examinees so that they can exchange ideas in a shared space. In a examiner-examiner relationship it helps examiners to improve and enhance there evaluation methods. Whereas in a examiner-examinee relationship it allows examinees to take an exam to prepare themselves for future evaluations in a particular subject area. With a lot of shared exam content that will gradually become available to all examinees they can evaluate there knowledge and understanding of key concepts and ideas. On the other hand if an examiner has allowed access to exam questions then they can use the available information to enhance there problem solving skills through practice, whereas for other examiners it can help them improve and enhance their evaluations methods. In short it brings together examiners-examinees in a shared environment leading to enhanced problem solving skills that are central to the ever evolving challenges faced in many real life situations

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Personal page is your space to share exams with everyone on the web. All Instructor accounts get one by default when they sign up for the platform. Personal pages have a unique ID associated with it leading to your unique personal space online for sharing created exams with the wider global community.

Personal page of any instructor is available publicly and no login is required to access it. It provides instructors with the ability to share content about there conducted exams/evaluations for past, present and future reference and ease of access of examinees overtime.

The platform provides you with the controls necessary to share only what you want, when you want to and where you want to. Your experience and knowledge can help others improve their evaluation methods and techniques leading to increased learning and performance.

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Get Started

Are you an instructor: Start evaluating by registering for an instructor account
Are you a student: Get evaluated by registering for a student account. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better